First TBH Unveiled!

Woots and huzzas, I’ve completed my first ever Top Bar Hive.

After much reading and some floundering, supply hunting and bunches of bad weather, I’ve managed to get together an acceptable first try. Even while building it, I could see improvements in either my methods or the design I was coming up with. I should point out that I based this TBH on a bit of a mash-up of both the Phil Chandler and Carr & Bradford designs, with a bit of tweaking of my very own sort. So if there’s much that is wrong or “not really awesome” about this, I’m most willing to take the blame.

I expect I’ll be building more in the future and they will get better and better as I go.

All right, here’s the first, overall shot:

My First TBH

General composition: The long wall sides are 12″ x 1″ x 36″ pine, the end pieces are found ply...

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Some Beekeeping Online Resources

The world of beekeeping may have a lot of books available for resources but the internet has a massive abundance of beekeeping sites to help you out with your budding apiary.

To say I’ve checked them all out would be a vast understatement; there are countless forums, personal homepages, equipment suppliers and group/association pages out there to be visited.


In no particular order, I’ll jot down a few that I’ve run across so far and hopefully this will help get those who are curious gobbling up the endless advice available out there.

The first I’d point you to is Michael Bush’s “BushFarms/Bees” site. Mr Bush has three books published but, as he readily states himself, they are the gathered info available for free on the website...

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Some Beekeeping Book Resources

As I’ve researched beekeeping in general, then focussed more directly on Top Bar hives, I’ve checked out and read a few books. I’ll list below a few I’ve found interesting and useful or that seem recommended by more advanced folk.

For general beekeeping, meaning books that deal wholly or primarily with the standard box-style hives (Langstroth, Warré, National, etc.) there are a plethora of books available, some that date to the early 1900′s and a couple from the 1800′s. As with many topics, however, there are many viewpoints on what works best and what doesn’t so even though one author suggests doing [some particular thing] a particular way, it doesn’t mean that is “the” way. Other authors often find alternative methods of doing the same thing.

In fact, it’s a common view in beekeeping t...

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Intro Post

Hi, I’m Paul and I am setting up a new bee colony here in the central area of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

As of June 2013, I am a total newBEE just about to start-up a Top Bar hive. I’ve been researching beekeeping for a fair while now and after much consideration, decided to go with this type of beehive over the more typical Langstroth style that is the standard here in North America.

As an aside, I should also note that none of the photos in the main page header are of me or my setup; they are pics of top bar hives I found on the webs and I’ll switch these out as I get my own hive(s) going. The photos do link to the respective websites, however.

Some of you not yet familiar with the beekeeping lingo may well be saying “What the heck are you talking about?!”

Here is a photo of a typica...

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